Ambassadors' Girls' Scholarship Program

The Ambassadors' Girls' Scholarship Program (AGSP) provides comprehensive support for girls' education in Africa. A key component of the U.S. President's Africa Education Initiative (AEI), AGSP provides support in the form of scholarships, mentoring, and parent and community awareness programs to promote and support girls' education, and HIV and AIDS awareness activities to prevent and mitigate the spread of HIV/AIDS. Scholarships are intended to ensure access to educational opportunities, and reflect the specific needs within each country.

Milli, AGSP beneficiary at the DEC School, in Kenema, Sierra Leone.

AGSP is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development. Implementing the program in 13 countries in West Africa, World Education is addressing the constraints to girls' participation, retention, and achievement at school. These constraints include financial and opportunity costs, socio-cultural factors such as early marriage, as well as the devastating impact of HIV and AIDS on girls and their families.

Since October 2004, 169,000 scholarships have been distributed to girls and boys who are economically disadvantaged, disabled, orphaned, and/or affected or infected by HIV/AIDS.