Burkina Faso

AGSP/Burkina Faso At a Glance:

  • Program Start Date: February 2005Academic Focus: Primary and Secondary
  • Academic Year Start: September
  • Local Implementing Partners:
  • 1. Tin Tua
  • Number of Scholarships to Date: 3,572 (Girls: 2,758, Boys: 814)
  • Number of Schools: 24
  • Number of Mentors: 33
  • Geographic Focus: Koumandjari Province, and Ouagadougou

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AGSP scholar in Burkina Faso.

In Year 6 World Education continued its work with NGO partners Tin Tua and FAWE-/Burkina to distribute a total of 741 scholarships to 462 girls and 279 boys (see table 1). No new scholars were selected this year, as instructed by the donor. The geographic focus of program implementation includes Koumandjari Province and Ouagadougou. AGSP Burkina Faso covers primary and secondary school scholars and manages a total of 26 schools. To date, 3,572 scholarships have been awarded to 2,758 girls 814 boys (see Table 2). Scholarship packages are comprised of uniform, shoes, backpack, textbooks, exercise books, school supplies, bicycles and lanterns. The scholarship also covers school fees and school meals

Table 1 AGSP Scholarship Distribution in Burkina Faso

NGO Number of girls Number of boys Total
FAWE 41 0 41
TinTua 421 279 700
Totals 462 279 741

Table 2. AGSP Scholarship Distribution in Burkina Faso

Academic Year Total Funds Approved (USD) Scholarships Girls Scholarships Boys Total Scholarships
2004/2005 (actual) $30,500 260 N/A 260
2005/2006 (actual) $41,700 455 N/A 455
2006/2007 (actual) $52,630 517 N/A 517
2007/2008 (actual) $94,683 555 250 805
$95,055 517 277 794
2009/2010 (actual) $90,434 462 279 741
Totals $405,002 2,766 806 3,572


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NGO partners, FAWE/Burkina and Tin Tua, are committed to providing dynamic, high quality mentoring activities to engage students. At the Hadja Koutouga Diallo School, the AGSP girls make and sell soap and put the funds they earn into a savings account. AGSP girls at another school in Ouagadougou who are doing income-generating activities started a Club called “TUSEME” which means “let us speak out” in their local language. In addition to the small business activities, TUSEME has also provided the girls a forum for information and exchange of ideas between the AGSP scholars and the mentors. This is an excellent group building activity that allows the girls to develop ownership for their work and gives them the opportunity to learn about business skills.

FAWE/Burkina and Tin Tua provide on-going mentor training using the USAID Mentoring Resource Guide. Modules have been translated into local languages. They have held sensitizations on reproductive health, and in February, they organized student debates for boys and girls. Topics covered included HIV/AIDS and other health issues. The health sessions were facilitated by the Medical center in Kossodo.

Many of the schools finished out the year by having a one-day Life Skills campaign which focused on self-esteem and self confidence building. Other schools held similar one-day activities on HIV/AIDS awareness, personal health and hygiene, and a workshop on soap making.

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Highlight from an AGSP Scholar’s Parent Mr.ZONGO

“I speak on behalf of all the parents whose children have been beneficiaries of the AGSP when I give my sincere and great thanks to USAID and to FAWE. We have been educated on the Program and we understand the responsibility that goes with it. We the parents are so happy to have received this support which allows our girls to go to school without worry that they will be sent home for not paying their school fees. They are able to go to school and study like normal children. I ask all parents to oversee their girls’ studies because this is our responsibility, to see our children succeed and become something in the future. To our girls, we parents ask them to work hard so that they succeed in life. I warmly thank AGSP and FAWE again for the support they have given our daughters. We ask that God bless them and give them the capacity to help many more girls in the years to come.”

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Map of Burkina Faso with circled AGSP target areas of assistance.