Capacity Building

World Education aims to build the capacity of all our implementing partners across countries. Within the realm of AGSP, World Education is currently partnering with 42 local NGOs, and is helping them build their organizational capacities in a variety of ways. Three ways in which our partners' capacities are being built are highlighted below.

Working on USAID-Funded Projects

For many of our partners, AGSP is the first USAID project with which they have worked. For these partners, AGSP has provided them with an opportunity to strengthen their management and operations by learning USAID financial, reporting, and branding requirements. To assist partners in following these guidelines, World Education has facilitated workshops where partners learn about USAID policies and procedures that they will be able to apply to future work. These workshops took place in West Africa and generally brought together partners from various countries, giving NGO staff from different organizations the opportunity to learn from, and alongside, each other.

Data Collection and Entry

A key component of the AGSP is tracking who the beneficiaries are, where they are going to school, and the components of the scholarship packages. Data collection also includes indicators on passing rates and retention. In order to do this, World Education has partnered with SageFox, a small business from Massachusetts, USA. SageFox has developed an on-line interactive database where NGO data administrators can enter all relevant data. SageFox has trained all of our implementing partners in data entry and offers continued technical assistance to World Education's partners.

For most implementing partners, this is the first time they are working with a live on-line database. Though the training has focused on the database, the skills developed surrounding data entry and management are transferable for use on future projects as well. Learn more about SageFox and the database at

Proposal Development and Writing

Children lined up outside of classroom with man Agoue, Benin.

Each year, implementing partners must submit a proposal for continued work with the AGSP. Proposals include a narrative piece on their approach to scholar selection and scholarship procurement, the budget, and the work plan for the school year. World Education staff and consultants work with implementing partners to flesh out their ideas, help make them strategic, develop an appropriate budget and ensure that the three aspects of the proposal are consistent and coherent. During our regional workshops with implementing groups, we have dedicated particular sections to discussing and improving upon proposal writing techniques. These improved skills will enable partners to solicit funding from other donors when the need arises.