Cape Verde

AGSP/Cape Verde At a Glance:

  • Program Start Date: February 2010
  • Academic Focus: Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Academic Year Start: September
  • Local Implementing Partner: Organização das Mulheres de Cabo Verde (OMCV)
  • Number of Scholars: 319 (Program intervention gives direct support to 4 schools)
  • Number of Mentors: 15
  • Geographic Focus: Santa Cruz Santiago

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In Year 6, Cape Verde was welcomed to the AGSP and will be part of implementation for the final two years (2009-2011). Program support will be geared to four schools (3 primary and 1 secondary) in support of approximately 319 students. Organizacao das Mulheres de Cabo Verde (OMCV) will provide support to schools in the municipality of Santa Cruz, on the island of Santiago.

Program goals this year focused on encouraging active community participation to support the schools and increase the role of parents’ associations in supporting the students. OMCV was extremely effective in this effort and in a short few months had conducted almost 100 sensitization campaigns with parents, school and local authorities, covering topics from increasing parental involvement in their children’s education and remedial classes to HIV-AIDS awareness-raising, and had trained 15 mentors using the USAID Mentoring Resource Guide.

In the Gambia, AGSP scholars who were junior secondary students have all moved on to senior high school this academic year. As no new scholars were to be selected this year, FAWE-GAM was allowed to continue with the 200 of the brightest scholars and support them in senior high school as well. To date, 3,622 scholarships have been awarded to 3,211 girls and 411 boys in 15 schools in the Gambia. The scholarships are comprised of books, notebooks, school fees, mosquito nets, uniforms, shoes, badges and bags. Distribution of scholarships amongst the various NGO partners for this academic year is indicated in the table below.

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Cape Verde map